After Ball Criteria

  • ball9Limit tickets to Ball attendees and partners only
  • Limit numbers to the eventEntry by ticket, sold prior to ball
  • Rubber stamp on entry (this is an extra security check)
  • Agreed finish time with local police (0330 hours usual)
  • Ensure rules are printed on tickets (orange text)
  • Parental contract signed by parent/guardian.
    Contract to include parental contact phone number for night of the event.
  • No refunds on ticket or bulk purchasing


  • Ball committee to provide police with time, date and place of school ball
  • Afterball committee to liaise with Police (YAS) youth aid section,
    A minimum of three weeks prior to the event, informing location of Afterball.
  • Vetting of Ball Attendees Seven days prior to the Ball
    (Ball committee to provide list of attendees including partners)
  • Vetting of After Ball Attendees 3 Days prior to Afterball
    (After Ball committee to provide list of attendees)
  • Police presence during event (two staff sufficient)


  • Venue to be known to as few people as necessary
    (This can stop gatecrashers)
  • Door security by qualified personnel (1 guard per 50 students)
  • Security on entry/exit points to building, driveway, car park
  • Security presence by facilities and by DJ or band Equipment
    (This helps to avoid any possible damage or vandalism)
  • Prepare and inform security of a fire evacuation scheme/procedure
    (For help on this contact local fire department to advise)
  • Cell phones or Telephone available to call for assistance/Transport
  • Coat check for bags and clothes


  • No private vehicles at event
  • Transport provided to all ticket holders (taxis, buses or mini vans)
  • Transport must be regular and available during total time of event


  • Parent involvement (arrangements only) are not to used for security
  • Parents are encouraged help serve non-alcoholic drinks and serve food
  • Parents to run coat check

Host Responsibility

  • Sufficient food to be provided (BBQ, Sausage Rolls, Pizza etc)
  • Non-alcoholic drink options including water


  • No alcohol to be included in the sale of ticket
  • Alcohol to be provided only by the parent or guardian
  • Persons arriving Intoxicated refused entry (breath testing)
  • No Glass (only cans or plastic)
  • No open plastic bottles or premixed (homemade) drinks permitted.
  • Limit amount of alcohol (6x 330ml cans of beer or 4x RTDs per person)
  • Alcohol containing more than 7% alcoholic volume will not be permitted (including wine)
  • No alcohol to be consumed on buses.
  • Non-consumed alcohol to be discarded at the end of the event
    (Including un-opened cans or bottles)


An important part of the afterball is providing entertainment. Having the right music combined with impressive lighting and effects will create an impressive nightclub atmosphere. Students will tend to drink less if they are enjoying the music and having fun. Hiring the services of experienced professional DJs or bands is recommended.